Ḥazrat Muftī Aḥmed Khānpūrī Ṣāḥib حفظه الله ونفعنا بعلومه وفيوضه وصحبته

Click here for Masāʾil of Fasting Extracted from Maḥmūdul Fatāwā

Click here for Supplicate in This Manner-A Duʿāʾ

Click here to view some gems from Hazrat’s Dars on Riyāḍuṣ Ṣāliḥīn (in English) Under Our Series titled, ‘Spiritual Reflections In light of the Palestinian Situation

Precious Advice Regarding New Year’s Eve Festivities

Dhul Ḥijjah- Advices, Significance & Virtues
Extracted From Maḥmūdul Mawāʾiẓ

Extracted from Ḥazrat’s (حفظه الله)Dars on Riyāḍuṣ Ṣāliḥīn

The Five Branches of Islām

Ramaḍān Advices
Extracted from Māh-e-Maḥmūd yā Ramaḍāniyāt

Beneficial Advices

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