Another Person Was Made to Resemble Him (ʿĪsā – Peace be upon him)

  1. But it was made to appear so.
  2. But another was made to appear like him.
  1. A main teacher of ʾImām Bukhārī and Muslim, Abū Bakr Ibn ʾAbī Shaybah (رحمه الله) [d.235 AH] in his ‘Al-Muṣannaf’[3]
  2. Another teacher of Imām Bukhārī and Muslim, ʿAbd ibn Ḥumayd (رحمه الله) in his ‘Al-Tafsīr’ [d.249 AH][4]
  3. ʾImām Nasāʾī (رحمه الله) [d.303 AH] in his ‘As-Sunan Al-Kubrā[5]
  4. ʾImām Ibn Jarīr At-Tabrī (رحمه الله) [d.310 AH] in his ‘Al-Tafsīr[6]
  5. ʾImām Ibn Abī Ḥātim (رحمه الله) [d.327 AH] in his ‘AlTafsīr’[7]
  6. ʾImām Ibn Mardawayh (رحمه الله) [d.410 AH] in his ‘Al-Tafsīr[8]

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