Payment of the Money Order Fees or the cost for a Cheque or Bank Draft from the Zakāt Money: Mufti Salman Mansurpuri

It is not correct to pay for money order fees or the cost for a cheque or bank draft from the amount of zakāt because ownership of the poor person who is entitled to it is not found. Rather, this is the bank or postal department’s charge for their service.

(Therefore, those people who give zakāt through a cheque and at the time of the cashing the cheque, the bank withdraws its required amount and then gives the [remainder] cash to the entitled person; whatever amount the bank had withdrawn, that amount of the owner’s zakāt is not valid. Rather, he would have to pay that extra amount.)


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This is understood from this text: If you intend to give the butcher or slaughterer his wage from that meat, it is not permissible. [Tatarkhaniya Zakariyya 17/443.] He does not come out from the responsibility simply by separating his zakat wealth, rather it is necessary to pay it to the poor person. [Bahr Raiq, Zakariyah 2/369, Durr Mukhtar, Zakatiyah 3/189, Fatawa Mahmoodiyah Dabhel 9/484, Fatawa Darul Uloom 6/335, Marghoobul Fatawa 3/350]

Kitabul Masail Vol.2 Pg.222

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