The Ruling of Doing Masah on a Plaster-Cast Encased on a Limb

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

When a person’s arm, leg or other bones are broken or fractured, doctors put a plaster-cast to support the limb as it heals. Without the permission of the doctor, opening this plaster is likely to be detrimental. Even if it is not harmful, to repeatedly remove and replace it will be costly.  As such, like a jabirah (wooden splint), it will not be necessary to wash the part of the limb beneath the cast, rather masah will be sufficient.

أفضل التطبيق العصري على مسائل القدوري

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للمفتي محمد أشرف الاشاعتي

Vol.1 Pg.119

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