The Ruling of Drinking Water Instead of Gargling in Ghusl

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

If a person did not gargle during ghusl (ritual bath), however, he inserted water in his mouth and drank it. Then it will be seen whether before swallowing the water he moved it around the entire mouth or not.

If he moved it around the entire mouth, then it will be a substitute for gargling.

If he drank the water in such a way that the water did not reach all the corners of the mouth, rather it simply touched the tongue and went straight down the throat, then this will not be a substitute for gargling and the ghusl will not be correct.

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أفضل التطبيق العصري على مسائل القدوري

للمفتي محمد أشرف الاشاعتي

Vol.1 Pg.116

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