The Ruling of Prosthetic Limbs in Wudhu

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The parts of the body (hands, feet etc.) which are joined by surgery are or two types:

  1. Those prosthetic parts which cannot be separated from the body without difficulty.
  2. Those prosthetic organs which can be separated without difficulty.
  • The first type will be like a real organ, therefore it is necessary to wash it in wudhu and ghusl.
  • The second type is not like a real organ, therefore it will not have to be washed in wudhu and ghusl.
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أفضل التطبيق العصري على مسائل القدوري

للمفتي محمد أشرف الاشاعتي

Vol.1 Pg.86

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