The Ruling of the Blood that comes after giving birth via an Operation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In this day and age, the birth of a child is sometimes facilitated via an operation in which an incision is made in the woman’s stomach and the child is taken out.  In such a case, if blood flows from the womb then the woman will be regarded to be in nifaas and this blood will be considered the blood of nifaas. However, if the blood is not from the womb but rather comes from the area of the operation [by the navel], it will not be regarded as the blood of nifaas but rather will be attributed to the apparent wound.

أفضل التطبيق العصري على مسائل القدوري

للمفتي محمد أشرف الاشاعتي

Vol.1 Pg.222

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Note: [By the navel] was added taking the Arabic reference listed by the author.

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