The Ruling of Zakāt on the Vehicles of a Transport Company: Mufti Salman Mansurpuri

If a person runs a transport business and rents out his cars, buses or trucks, then zakāt will not be obligatory on the value of these buses or trucks. Rather, zakāt will be wājib on the profits earned from them, according to the rules.


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If a brass pot was bought, and it is kept or it is rented out, zakāt will not be wājib on it just as it is not wājib on a rented house. [Fatawa Khaniya 1/1/251, Tatarkhaniya Zakariyya 3/169, Muhaqaq wa Mudalal Jadeed Masa’il, page 147.]

Kitabul Masail Vol.2 Pg.218

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