The Ruling on Reading and Teaching Religious Books when in the State of Haidh

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Whilst in an impure state, it is not permissible to touch the noble Quran or any such commentary of the Quran wherein the words of the Quran make up the majority of the book and the words of commentary are less.

The reading and teaching of other religious books, besides these, are permissible. However, it is necessary to bear in mind two things:

  1. Whilst teaching, no (complete ayah of) Quran should be read fluently.
  2. The part of the religious books where any Quranic verse is written should not be touched.
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أفضل التطبيق العصري على مسائل القدوري

للمفتي محمد أشرف الاشاعتي

Vol.1 Pg.207

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