Menopause at 30 Years of Age: An Exception

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the chapter on ʿiddah, ʿAllāmah Haṣkafī and ʿAllāmah Shāmī mentioned an exception to the rule of 55 years being the age of menopause. 

If a woman became bāligh by age, i.e., by passing 15 lunar years of her life, and never saw a single ḥayḍ her entire life and she reaches the age of thirty (30), the judgment of being a woman in menopause would be issued for her. Therefore, if she was divorced after 30 years of age, her ʿiddah will be 3 lunar months.

[Qāḍī Khan did not call it iyās, rather he said, she is in the ruling of a minor girl with regards to this issue. Regardless, her ʿiddah will be 3 lunar months.]

If a woman had seen even one ḥayḍ in her lifetime, then the rule of 55 years being the age of menopause applies. Then she may avail the Mālikī opinion in times of need.

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And Allāh Taʿālā knows best.


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