Menopause at 30 Years of Age: An Exception

In the chapter on ʿiddah, ʿAllāmah Haṣkafī and ʿAllāmah Shāmī mentioned an exception to the rule of 55 years being the age of menopause. 
If a woman became bāligh by age, i.e., by passing 15 lunar years of her life, and never saw a single ḥayḍ her entire life and she reaches the age of thirty (30), the judgment of being a woman in menopause would be issued for her.

Definitions: Part 1- The Definition of Ḥayḍ [Menstruation]

The Definition of Ḥayḍ
Literal Definition:  To flow.
Sharʿī Definition:
It is a state of ritual impurity. Ḥayḍ is a legal obstacle which prevents a woman from fulfilling such acts of worship which require ṭahārah (purity), such as: Ṣalāh, recitation of the Qur’ān, fasting, entering the Majid, sexual Intercourse, etc.

It is a physical impurity. Ḥayḍ is blood which flows from the [woman’s] womb and exits from the farj dākhil (vaginal opening), even if it is legal (ḥukman) blood without childbirth.